All of the delicious menu are created by our nutrition chef, we only use organic ingredients from our selected local organic farm

There are many amazing and very talented chefs around the world who create beautiful and delicious menus, however, to be a nutritional chef requires another level of knowledge.  Our Nutritional Chef, Elizabeth has spent the past 26 years studying about nutritional foods and spent time working in Japan in this area of expertise.  Chef Elizabeth successfully fought her cancer the natural way.  She continues to use her talent and experience to encourage many people to eat healthier, teaching them also how to fight diseases naturally.  She created the Livingwell menus based on favorite foods of Asians and Westerners to enjoy, using only fresh organic vegetables and fruits from our organic gardens as well as local organic farms which we support.  We do not use MSG, any chemicals, artificial sweetners, flavorings or colorings, no preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, etc.

In our homemade rainbow noodles we use organic vegetables for color, as well as for the tortilla skins.  Only gluten free flour is used for our pizzas and pancakes. We use only free range chickens and eggs and imported grass fed beef.  We believe in balanced nutrition.  We offer a variety of Vegan, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes.  Our menu offerings are especially designed to best serve the function and benefits of our body naturally.  Many healing juices, jamu, protein diet, low fat meals……our philosophy is “let thou food be the medicine and the medicine be thou food